Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Goals

Update on the proposal.  Editor wants me to start working on chapter 2.  Then she might bring it to an editorial board.  Then she might send it out for review.  Then there might be a talk about contracts.  So, things are moving in the right direction.  Still, I wish I were standing on more solid ground.  That's a lot of mights, but I'm a mighty woman with determination and creativity.  So, soldier on we must.

On an unrelated note, I showed that silly "Let's eat, Grandma," and "Let's eat Grandma" with the third graders yesterday, sharing with them the life and death importance of punctuation.  It's fun teaching third grade because they haven't seen this stuff on Facebook 1,000 times so they laugh hysterically.

As I work with them to edit their papers, I've been coming up with some fanciful statements about how I invented various punctuation marks and how I hope they catch on.  I say stuff like, "Let me show you a little something called the period.  You could use it right here to separate these run ons.  I rolled this innovation out in 2011.  I'm feeling it's going to spread like wildfire any day now" and "See this little red line here running along your paper?   I named this "the margin" (I use air quotes here) after I invented it in the early 90's.  It's extremely useful for organizing your writing. I was out of my mind with happiness when I got the idea.  I'm not sure why it's not more popular.  I'm going to have to talk to my publicity department."  You can imagine the hilarity that ensues, mostly from me, as I chuckle to myself as I'm applying the eraser to their writing.

Organization Tuesday.  This is the day for checking stuff off the To Do list.  It can be done.  Oh yes, it can be done.


mm said...

I love that video!! Yum!

KC said...

This practice of inventing stuff is so hilarious. I think HM thinks it's hilarious too

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