Monday, September 15, 2014

The Beginning

Do you love this picture as much as I do?
I bought a new shirt this weekend.  It's not a school spirit shirt, but it's a good one.  All will be well because I have a new shirt. Husbandman is also wearing a new shirt. We're both pleased as punch.

 I'm determined to go in to school with élan and good cheer.  But there's one thing holding me back.  My classroom has an office space attached to it.  On Friday, a 3rdlander said to me, "I just saw a wasp fly into your office. Just FYI."  I ignored him with a flippant, "Please sit down" or some such nonsense.  How I've come to regret my flippant demeanor. Come to find out, when I was shuffling stacks of papers on my desk yesterday on a Sunday afternoon when others were probably outside enjoying a beautiful day, a wasp was lurking beneath the stacks of papers and that wasp hauled off and stung my finger viciously.  It really hurt.

So obviously now I have fears about going into my office.  Come to find out, wasps don't die after they sting you.  They can sting you fifty to one hundred more times.  Even more if they feel like it.  There's stuff I need in that office, but what can I do?  There's a wasp occupying the space, locked and loaded. I feel defenseless against the wasp, which come to find out, has a life span of up to six weeks.


KC said...

Great photo! Damn that wasp!!

mm said...

I adore this photo!!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to leave my wasp swatter! I will bring it to you tomorrow:)

Anonymous said...

I had several wasps in my room last year. I killed 8 in one morning! I am quite good at it now! I'll come down and help! :)

Sarah M.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Now that hurts.

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