Saturday, September 06, 2014

The Brick

I took the plunge and brought in the iPads on Friday afternoon.  Usually at the start of our local history unit, we go outside and draw pictures of what we think the land might have looked like before people were here.

Instead, we brought out the iPads to take photographs.  We talked about not taking pictures of our soccer field because there probably weren't mowed lawns before people arrived in the Hoosier state.  Thirdlanders focused on our beautiful creek, our tall trees, and the full clouds in the blue sky. They were pleased with their photos and I heard one gal staring into her iPad whispering, "I'm such a fantastic photographer."

 Things were going well when I heard a 3rdlander yell, "There's a dead snake over here!"  Of course we all hustled over and huddled around the snake for some photos. The corpse smelled fairly rancid.

A thirdlander said, "I'm trying to not take a picture of the brick because there wouldn't be bricks back then."
Then another kid said, "Do you think someone killed the snake with that brick?"
I tried so hard not to laugh and I think I did pretty well, but you know how these things get to me.  I said "Yes, it looks to me like someone killed this snake with that brick that's on its head."  We all stared at the murdered snake wondering why.  One kiddo pointed out that corn snakes aren't even venomous.  These thirdlanders are killing me.


mm said...

The spontaneous conversations that are the best.

KC said...

Omg, do you think the snake died of that massive head wound? I LOVE this.

Anonymous said...

So disgusting!!!Of course there would be a dead snake in the creek. Of course…

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