Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Meerkat

Headed out to the zoo yesterday.  Beautiful sunny day.  New Orangutan center.  Why wouldn't we?  Plus I sent stuff off a week ago to "the editor" and she hasn't written back, so I decided to have a Saturday for fun. First time in a couple of months.  On a TV show we watched last night, a writer said that being a writer is like having homework for the rest of your life.  That's a pretty good description. Yesterday we all took a break, zoo-ed around, and then ended our day hearing #1 Son play some music at one of our fave restaurants.  
Today I'm back to work but I'm going to start stuff off with a trip to a store where I will buy organizational accoutrements such as baskets and tubs and little magnets. I also need good pencils and pens.  School supplies, you had me at hello.


Anonymous said...

Love these pics and that you had an outing yesterday! Well done.

KC said...

Great way to spend the day. #1 is doing great in this shoot. A+

mm said...

We were talking about paragraphs today. One student said last year they called it a perfect paragraph. I explained that there was no perfect for writing. It was a continual process of making it better. Writing never ends (for good and bad).

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