Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The Meeting

A Thirdlander brought in an article last week about pay discrepancies between men and women.  Indiana scores #46 in the country for equality for women.  The girls weren't too thrilled about that and wondered if we could somehow get over to Hawaii, a state with a lot less gender gap.  Later we were singing our Indiana Fight Song during a transition.  The last line goes, "Oh Indiana, we're all for you!"  As we sang the last note, a quiet Thirdlander muttered, "Not at #46 we're not."

Yesterday at morning meeting I asked the kiddos if they noticed any gender discrepancies in their own lives.  A long silence was finally broken by a kiddo saying, "When we were little, we all played soccer together. But now that we're 8, we are on separate teams. I guess the boys play harder than we do?"  I didn't make too comments as other gender reflections came bubbling up. Boys and girls do separate things.  Boys and girls play differently.  Boys are more active than girls.   This is something to keep talking, reading and writing about.  I'll keep you posted.


jdoc said...

There is some really important work going on in Thirdlandia. Keep it up kiddos! And Dr. H!

Ms. W. said...

We talked about gender equality and stereotypes today. We are talking about culture and identity. Good times. We are your buddies.

mm said...

Yay! I'm impressed that you are letting them figure it out for themselves. Go Thirdlanders!

LH said...

Well, I'm adding opinions. And will add more as we get into the chat. I'm a participant along with them.