Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Sabra - CACTUS!
Tr:  Restaurant
Yesterday I got cranked out because my writing project is annoying the heck out of me.  So in the evening we headed to the beach for a walk on the promenade.  During the walk we got involved in a conversation with a couple who were very pleasant.  At the end of the walk, they invited us to their house for dinner right then and there. We had already eaten so we took a rain check.  We exchanged phone #'s.  Husbandman's more social than I am.  I'm always a little suspicious of friendliness.  What's going on here?  What do we really know about these 2 charmers?  Could they be axe murderers?

I wish there was a web page like but for couples.  Then I could read their profiles and gather intel.  But probably we'll just go to dinner at their house and enjoy them.  They really did seem like fun human beings. Still, there's risk involved here and it's important to acknowledge that.


mm said...

I think it sounds lovely. Go to dinner and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes. Beware of kind couples. Maybe just a walk with them would be good.

KC said...

I think you should be wary. Why do they want to have you over?!?! Can you meet on neutral ground? Am I being a little extreme with the anxiety?!

Sarah Gardner said...

That sounds really nice! When I was in Greece a lady who turned out to be a language teacher approached me on the bus to ask me what the word habitat on my shirt meant, and ended up taking us to her mothers house for tea and pumpkin pastry. They were so sweet and its one of my fave experiences from my time abroad. I say go visit the locals. If they turn out to be crazy people you have husbandman for backup ;)

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