Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Erev Tov

Tr:  Good evening

I'm thinking about autumn. It's still pretty hot over here and very green.  As you know, autumn is my favorite season. This sabbatical year's all about give and take. I'm giving up autumn, getting a lot of new experiences in return.  I'm curious are you all enjoying it? Are the leaves beautiful? Is the air crisp?  Have you eaten any pumpkin pie?  I missed out on the tradition of pumpkin pie for my birthday.  Instead I ordered loukoumades, Greek doughnuts, after our fab meal in Athens.   I didn't know what I was ordering, but I was pleasantly surprised. With dessert, the server brought a little carafe of clear liquid.  "This is raki.  It's very strong and we hope you enjoy it."  Husbandman ate most of the doughnuts and I decided to focus on the raki.   As we got back to the hotel, Husbandman mentioned that he was so stuffed he wished he could have his stomach pumped.  I felt great, but the next morning, I was cursing our server and the dreaded raki.  Another classic example of what some people historically call a trade off.


mm said...

I took a picture today that I'll use one of these days in my blog. I, too, love autumn, but it feels more like winter. This makes me sad. We should be at 55º, and we're at 38º. How's that for whining?

nancy reynolds said...

Leaves are turning and falling and looking pretty. Chill is in air. Even spat some snow today but we won't talk about that! Made zucchini bread and pumpkin snicker doodles but there is plenty of time for pumpkin upon your return ! So envious of all your new experiences. Will photo some leaves to send to you. What a trip!

LH said...

I heard it was cold and some possible snow for you in MN, mm. That's not making for a perfect fall. 38. Cold.

Nance, I love pumpkin snicker doodles. Yes, I need to see your pix!

Anonymous said...

The other day it was raining beautiful yellow leaves.

Sarah Gardner said...

We had just barely there snowflakes during our fire drill today - fall got really cold really fast this week! But the leaves are pretty.