Monday, October 28, 2013

Istanbul, Day 2 continued

This morning seems like it happened a gazillion years ago.  When we were leaving the house for the Chora Museum, I told Husbandman, "Today I will affect the identity of a professional photographer, documenting key details of life in Istanbul."
"Why don't you just affect the identity of a tourist since that's what you are," Husbandman said back to me.
To which I averred, "I am committed to this assignment and I intend to fulfill my obligations with diligence and care."
Husbandman didn't have much to say after that but later when we were in the amazing Chora museum with the 700 year old mosaics, I took this great shot and said to him, "Look how beautiful that section is, where the man is touching Jesus's robe."
Husbandman piped up, "I think that's his tailor.  He's saying, 'Give me a minute Big J, I just have to hem up this bit that's dragging in back.'"
Husbandman's comments kept distracting me from taking up my professional photographer identity, but we had a fab day anyway.  Chora Museum, a walk through the most amazing Fatih neighborhood, lunch at Pandelli in the spice bazaar, almost getting stampeded to death in the Grand Bazaar, crossing the Galata Bridge.  Our moods got a little squished with the crazy slow as black strap molasses bus ride home, but we lived to tell the tale.  Tomorrow is Turkey's Independence Day.  It could get wild, my friends.  There are 23 million people ready and waiting to celebrate freedom.  I'm crossing my fingers for some fireworks over the Bosphorus.


mm said...

a) Husbandman is supes funny!
b) Although the ride home was as slow as blackstrap molasses, I hope it was as beneficial.
c) The picture of the lights... amazing!

Anonymous said...

K.R. agrees on the hilarity of Husbandman. I love those lights. Saw Q's concert. WE thought he was fantastic. He played the most physically demanding of all the pieces, and was just a bopping away at full speed. Miss you.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had seen Quinno's concert! I'm sure he was the hit of the show. Beautiful pics!! Those hanging lights were just stunning. Can you sneak one into your suitcase???

Anonymous said...

Sneak a few!

KC said...

The lights are amazeballs.

LH said...

There are lamp shops in the Grand Bazaar that all look like this. Really pretty. I wanted to look at some rugs too, but the rug sellers we ran into were too hyper and I didn't want to deal with them. I wish them well, but we had other things to see. The grand bazaar and spice markets were both eye popping. So crowded though, we had to keep moving.