Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kaf Regel

Tr:  Foot  (I wonder why they need 2 words to say foot).
I've been listening to a meditation app called Headspace.  WordSavvy recommended it to me and I'm recommending it to you.  You get the first 10 days free and then you have to pay.  Husbandman commented the other day that the headspace app was expensive.  "You more than anyone are going to benefit from my renewed calm and clarity.  Totally worth it. Believe me." After some silence, I asked Husbandman if he might have already seen some increased calm and clarity.  "Um, I think so," he replied. So, clearly, the Headspace app was a good move. Ipso, facto.

Today (I hate to admit) I was an epic fail at headspace because I didn't sleep last night.  Lack of sleep makes me a drag to be around.  After a lot of noodling and sighing on my part, Husbandman left the apartment to find someone to cut his hair and I stayed behind to take a nap.  The nap led to a better attitude on my part. I am awake and enjoying some tea in the garden. Not doing any actual work per se, but the sky's the limit.  I'm feeling a ton of admiration for Husbandman.  Can you imagine venturing out in a foreign land to ask someone who doesn't speak your language to cut your hair?   In short, the guy is an inspiration.  I haven't seen him yet.  I'm hoping for the best. 


LH said...

Come to find out, Husbandman is home sans haircut. He decided to work in his office instead of the haircut. I admire him a teeny bit less, but he said that he will probably get the haircut tomorrow.

In the mean time, this new AKR website really cheered me:

Anonymous said...

That akr is so clever. The things she makes do cheer me as well.

Anonymous said...

How's the haircut?

mm said...

It's admirable and a bit insane that he'd choose work over a haircut.

KC said...

I think I will meditate right now while also drinking wine. That's fine, right?

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