Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Tr:  Plane

Taking a break from packing to watch some telly and blog a bit.  I'm a nervous wreck about the government shut down and the potential default.  I leave the country for a few months and all hell breaks loose.  It's seriously freaking me out. I can barely pack for Greece.  I'm watching our country's craziness on TV and it's making my stomach hurt.

Abrupt change of topic.  Today on my morning walk up and down the hills of Haifa, I listened to a great BBC piece on the sharing economy about people who share stuff like spare rooms or cars.  I told Husbandman I would love to share a dog with a few other people.  Maybe 2 to 3 people.  I'm surprised more people don't own pets this way.  Having a pet one or two days each week sounds like the way to go.  Husbandman says that if we had a dog he would not want to share the dog.  Let me know if you would like to share a dog with us when we return home.  I think we can work something out.


Anonymous said...

Sign me up for dog sharing and her name is Mini Jean!!!

LH said...

That actually would be perfect. That dog is tried and true.

It's 3:23. We're heading out to Greece. This is the point in the trip when one asks....Is this worth it?

Should all be uphill from here.

nancy reynolds said...

I will dog share! That's a great idea.

KC said...

I would love to dog share. But, actually right now I love my dog so much, I'm not sure I could do without him each night cuddled up by my legs. If you lived in Mpls, I'd consider an arrangement that gave you the dog sometimes, but me most of the time.

DM said...

I've always held that getting a dog would be like getting a fourth child (yikes). But a dog share, that's worth considering! Samuel, Theo, and Reuven can help with dog chores. Put us on your list :)

LH said...

DM, Dogsharing with your guys would be extremely fun. We live in the same neighborhood, so convenient as well. We now have 4 families ready for dog sharing. When we were at the Acropolis yesterday, we saw a very dirty scrubby dog having a nap. Husbandman said, "Take his picture. That's the dog I want to share." So... if we get this guy home, I think we're going to all have to try very hard to love him. He's not attractive. I'll post a picture later.

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