Thursday, October 03, 2013

Eifo (Ay-foh)

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It's cooling off here in Israel. Yesterday I woke up and went for a long walk around the neighborhood.  I saw 2 interesting birds.  One was the Syrian Woodpecker.  I'm about 100% sure of that.  The other was an iridescent green bird that looked much like a hummingbird, but a teeny bit larger.  I was very close to this bird and watched it with awe, for several moments.  Come to find out, I can not get a good ID on this bird.  I have 3 bird experts on the case and no one has come up with what it could be.  So, I'm pretty sure I've discovered a new bird.  And this bird should be named for me somehow.

In other good news, I finally sent off my outline to be read by someone who can dash my dreams, or keep them alive.  It feels good to have it out of the house.  I've worked for 8 weeks on that outline and I was starting to do some serious wheel spinning.  Husbandman and I celebrated by going to our fave pizza place down in the Ziv.  See how I'm getting kind of comfy with the lingo?

Newsflash:  It's starting to rain a little.  This is the day of miracle and wonder.  I'm moving closer to the window so I can love this rain up close.
I need to go back here for another Haloumi salad.  It's currently my favorite salad. 


Anonymous said...

Bravo on shipping off the outline Lee!!!...hope y'all enjoyed your celebratory pizza---we love & miss y'all B&B

mm said...

I know your dreams will be kept alive!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you have sent off the outline. Yay! Is this the first time it's rained?

Anonymous said...

HOO RAY!!! (for the outline shipment) It is raining here too!!! It has been forecasted nice since Sunday afternoon but haven't seen the sun yet! But shouldn't complain about rain. (unless it involves indoor recess for my friends!) Can't wait to Learn of the new Lee bird!


Anonymous said...

You made your goal of turning in the outline? Hurrah for you, Lee! I find myself in the envious mode when I read of your grand experiences. One day, I will get there. Wonder if the 'new bird' is talking about the sight of you?

KC said...

Congratulations. I'm super proud of you!!

LH said...

Cheryl! You made it on here! AWESOME, POSSUM!

Today is Friday, which is our weekend, so we're going to have some fun.

And I've ID'ed my bird as the Palestine Sunbird. I had hoped it was a rare bird, but it was almost the national bird of Israel, so I guess they're all over the place.

FYI: The National Bird of Israel is the HOOPOE. I've seen two of these fine birds. You would think I would have seen more by now.