Thursday, October 17, 2013


Tr:  Thank you

All is swell here in Athens.  It's a fascinating, beautiful city.  I love it all.  Except for the smoking in the restaurants.  I don't care for that.  And also except for the pain in my legs from walking until they're literally turned into bloody stumps each day.  Not crazy about that situation.  Other than that, Athens is absolutely fabulous.
Tomorrow when I wake up, I'll be 53.  Husbandman has pointed out that 53 is one of the best prime numbers.  I won't be prime again until 59, so I'm going to make the most of 53. Going to do my best, and forget the rest, as they say.
Free to be.
You and me.


Anonymous said...

HB! 53 is awesome! I will send you a photo of the card I didn't buy you, but am wishing you a happy birthday with:)
ps love the photos!

LH said...

That card says it all. Thx Nancer!

Sarah Gardner said...

Enjoy Greece!

KC said...

That dog deserves a good home in Bloomington, Indiana.

cb said...

Happy day, Ms. Prime Number! And thank you for all of the photos and prose. You have transported us with you on your travels.

HB to HM tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I'm researching how to bring dogs from Greece to Israel to Indiana.