Monday, October 28, 2013

Istanbul Day 2

I don't know any Turkish words yet.  I'll try to learn some today.  This blog has become a travel blog of sorts, but I hope you all notice that I still have some valuable things to say about life's conundrums and quirks.  Today I don't, but in general I usually do.  I just don't want to get too pinned down, or labeled in a limiting way.  At any rate, we are awake in our guest house on campus.  Last night we walked around, saw some stunning night views of the bridges over the river and had dinner with some fun MathMen.  The Mathmen told many very hilarious jokes over dinner.  I had a joke, but it's always scary to tell a joke after other people have told a series of funny jokes.  You don't want to be the joke that ends the hilarity.  That's high stakes.  Plus, their jokes illustrated slight connections to mathematical research issues and oddities, and mine just had to do with eating peanuts in a bar, so that was a little daunting.

The big news is that I consumed a salty yogurt drink that made me feel a little sick after I drank about 3/4 of it.  Still, it's always good to try new things.

Our day started with a skype session with 20 Something Daughter.  That young woman is a delight.  I wish everyone could start their day thusly.  It really pumps you up.


mm said...

Tell me more about this photo.

Anonymous said...

It sounds just wonderful! I can't wait for pics.

LH said...

MM, We went to a bakery in an Arab village with our pals K and J. We bought some pita bread. While K was buying the bread, I took this photo. I think they're cookies?

I took a few good ones. We had a wonderful, exhausting day.

StreibProjects said...

I want to hear your joke!

LH said...

Okay, I'm heading over to your place to tell you my joke. Have low expectations.

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