Thursday, October 31, 2013

Istanbul, Day 5

Peeps, this is going to be brief because I'm capital T for tired.  Husbandman has decided this place should be called Blisstanbul and come to find out, I totally agree with him.  We had the best day.  Toured Aya Sofia and the beautiful Blue Mosque.

Had tea and baklava in a cozy little place pictured above.  Then we walked a long way looking for a specific restaurant. As we consulted our map, a wonderful young woman came up to us and said, "How can I help you?"  Then she called the restaurant, found out where it was, and then walked us there. Come to find out, the place was booked for the evening, but she talked the owner into giving us a table. The owner agreed, but told us we had to clear out in 2 hours. No worries! Super delicious meal.  After a long bus ride home, we  walked along a dark campus path and guess what we saw right next to us on the path?  A hedgehog! It stood checking us out for several minutes, cute as can be.  Could a day get any better?  I truly doubt it.


Anonymous said...

Every day, each post and picture outdoes the one before it! What an amazing place and an amazing trip!

mm said...

I love this story!!

LH said...

Yesterday was fab.

The young woman guide was above and beyond nice.

Today we may try to look for baked potatoes called kumpir.

It will be our mission. Of sorts.

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