Monday, September 30, 2013


Tr:  Stop

The holidays are over and it's back to work for the entire country.  We are back in our Abba Khoushy apartment and this is where we will stay til the end of April.  Today was a big day for me.  I walked to a little cafe and ordered lunch.  They had no english menu and the waitress knew very little english.  I was nervous, until I saw a picture of a cheese sandwich on a little display stand on the table.  I pointed to it and ended up having a great sandwich which came with a tasty salad, and was followed up with a piece of very delicious cake.  Not an inexpensive lunch, as lunches go, I'm sorry to say, but I felt proud of myself for venturing into unchartered waters. The solo lunch, at a new restaurant.  In a word, remarkable.


mm said...

Remarkable and a bit brave!

Anonymous said...


Sarah Gardner said...

Way to go Lee!

LH said...

Husbandman's a little indignant that I'm getting kudos for going out for an expensive lunch, but I don't think he realizes all that I went through.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, he does not. The cake was well earned.

mem in ca

LH said...

I'm bravely back in the coffee shop today. But I'm just ordering a cappuccino. The sweet server said, "That's it? Something more something?"

Me: No, that's it.

She shrugged, said okay, and walked on. I see others just having coffee in here, so I think I'm okay.

KC said...

Great job! I have no idea how to cope and travel, so I'm in awe.

Anonymous said...

Lee, way to be brave!! I am proud of you. It took me a whole year to venture out on my own.
Miss you!!