Tuesday, October 22, 2013


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We are back from Greece.  My whole life people have told me that Greece is the word.  But I never listened.  Now I get it.  Now I know.  Greece truly is the word.
Still in a good mood at this point.

One Santorini highlight was our inscrutable decision to begin a 6.5 mile hike from Fira to Oia at 4:45 in the afternoon.  Our hotel manager told us to take the bus to Fira and then we would walk downhill to Oia.  He said, "Let the bus spend the energy for you."  Our hotel manager was great in about 100 ways, but he steered us wrong this time.  Basically he lied.  For the first hour, we strolled on a beautiful path through 2 villages.
Enjoyed these little aqua vistas very much, during the first hour of the walk.
 After that, we had to climb up and down 2 mountains, on rocky trails.  This would have been tough stuff enough, but the sun was setting, the light was failing, the path was poorly marked and there were no people in sight.  Basically we were dealing with the high winds ablowin' high atop the steep mountains of Santorini, and we were freaking out. I kept wondering when the wild dogs of Santorini were going to show up to rend us to pieces.  Somehow we lived to tell the tale.  I found it harrowing, though others may think differently.  That's neither here nor there. We almost died.
Started to dawn on us that there might be some problems up ahead. 

Next day:  Red Beach.  The water was so cool, but a piece of cake compared to the hike.

Lunches like this happened each day.
In the evenings, our  hotel manager recommended some wonderful restaurants in Oia.

Stopped for coffee in a little cafe with a great view.  We are happy to be home, but kind of tired.

We recovered the next day with a relaxing swim at Red Beach.  Husbandman kept singing Red Ships of Spain as we lunched at Red Beach, which was a little bit of a drawback, but other than that, all was swell.

Santorini season is coming to an end sometime soon. One restaurant man told us, "We will close maybe this week.  Maybe next.  Depends on the people, on the weather.  But it will be soon. We will close up til April. It's a long season." Kind of like Brown County.  But not exactly the same.

FYI: Santorini is also called Thera.


mm said...

How long will the restaurant close?

Sarah Gardner said...

That hike sounds terrifying with the sun setting and no trail markers, but what an adventurous tale!

PS, I want that infinity pool by the ocean... sigh.

LH said...

Til April 1, mm. One guy said he would go back to Athens after his restaurant closed. The unemployment for young people in Greece is soaring, so it was kind of sad. Lots of pay cuts for teachers there too. Our hotel owner was a retired teacher. He said they cut his pay by 37%. Husbandman's professor pals took a 40% pay cut. The austerity measures are so severe.

SG, Husbandman and I both had our separate moments of complete freak out. When we finally made it to Oia, some wine was consumed right away. Yes. I too want that pool. So much.

Anonymous said...

That is just frightening! But it has been my dream to go to Greece...soon.

LH said...

Greece is closed til April. What about April?

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