Monday, October 14, 2013


Tr:  Autumn

Not my photo, as you probably can see.
I saw this fine bird this morning in a park near the apartment.  It's a little blue kingfisher.  It might now be my favorite bird.  I also saw a white wagtail, a sign of fall here in Israel.  Did I tell you we're going to Greece on Wednesday?  I bought a book about Athens and I'm going to do some research today.


Anonymous said...

So jealous you are going to Greece! Sounds 294x than lame fall break that we just had off here. Oh, how we miss you! Have fun on your vacation from vacation! ;)


Anonymous said...


mm said...

Woot woot... pictures from Greece are coming!!

LH said...

MP, I love your specificity. It's funny that this weekend I was getting jealous of everyone having fall break, but then my friend Nance told me I should pretend the Greece trip is my fall break. That's going to work I think. I miss you too! A lot!

MM, I'm excited about taking pix there. Not super excited about having to leave the apt. at 3 am tonight to get to the airport. But that's just the way it is. Maybe I can get a cappuccino at the airport.

Anonymous said...

Greece will be awesome!!! Does Peter know someone from Athens that can show you around?

LH said...

No, but I have a little guidebook with a map. I'll do my best, and forget the rest.

As long as I can eat some spanakopita, I'll be in like flynn.

KC said...

Go Greece!!

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