Sunday, October 13, 2013


Tr:  Let's go!  (from Arabic)

Another sababa weekend.  After seeing Don Jon (definitely see it if you want, but don't bring kids) on Thursday night, we decided to head to a new beach on Friday. Sadly, the day started kind of badly as I diagnosed (with help from FunFriend Dr. R)  a ganglion cyst on the top of my foot.  One cure for ganglion cyst is thumping the cyst with a heavy book.  I watched some videos about cyst thumping and then we decided to just ignore the cyst and head to the beach. I could go with the thumping, but what if my original diagnosis, Saddle Bone Deformity, is the correct one and then I've whacked the heck out of an already deformed bone?   Anyway, come to find out, Achziv Beach is the most beautiful beach I've ever seen with my own eyes.  I posted some pix on facebook, but here's an extra just for good measure.  On Sunday we had a beautiful day with Koby and Judy and some of their kinfolk.  So nice to be around littles, 2 grandkids who put the grand into the word grandkids.  I wish I could have spoken Hebrew to the littles, but I couldn't.  The 7 month old will undoubtedly be speaking better Hebrew than me by the time I leave here.  Still, all is sababa.  We are doing swell.
We swam here.  The water was so clear and there were some little fish hanging around. 

Rose Ringed Parakeets So beautiful.

Here I am with an olive tree that's 1,000 years old.  1,000. Years. Old. 

This place is hard to explain.  It was used as a cistern and then later as a dovecote for pigeons.  And maybe a columbarium, a place where ashes are kept.  I was trying to soak it all in.  There were 2,000 niches for pigeon coops.  The pigeons may have been raised for "cultic purposes" (?), or for food, or maybe their dung was used for fertilizer.  That's straight from the Ben Guvrin pamphlet.  But get this.
This columbarium went out of use around the 3rd century BC.  It's still standing strong.

Bell Caves.  There are about 800 Bell Caves here.  They were used as quarries. 

I just loved these caves.  I took a lot of pix, which you'll see this week.  We've been having internet problems, but someone is coming soon to fix these problems, so I'm hurrying through this fascinating post.  I didn't even get to write about the fabulous restaurant where we had lunch, hosted by Koby.  Thanks, KOBY!  What a weekend.  So glorious.  


Anonymous said...

Is this close to your abode? So beautiful!
One time when I was in the hospital a nurse took a huge book and wacked the top of my hand because blood was gathering under the skin by the iv. It was gruesome!!!

mm said...

I can't wait for more pictures of the caves. I've always wanted to see the caves in the SW US although I've never actually made the trip.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow.

Anonymous said...

G had a ganglion cyst on her wrist and it was gross. I tried to get her to whack it but she never would. Dr. R said it would go away, and low and behold about a year-year and a half later, it's gone! No whacking was necessary. She hated that thing. So glad it's gone. Please never come back gc!

LH said...

J...UGH....It's like we're living in the middle ages with this whacking approach. Beach is about an hour north. Caves are about 2 hours south. We will take you there when you come over.

MM, Cave pix, coming right up.

N, I'm hoping this goes away. I'm glad it's not on my wrist. I really hate it. But I'm going to try to make peace with it.

KC said...

The photos are just to die for. Honestly. I can't even believe it.

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