Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The Writers

Lots of work with young writers today.  Some of them were excited to be writing.  Gleeful even. I want to support the peeps who are still trying to crack the code, but it's so hard not to be jazzed when you can actually read the writing of the kids who are starting to figure it all out.

Little Red Head took awhile to get writing. I told him to get busy, and he drew a huge X in the air, basically right in my face.  I whispered to him, "I'm going to tell your teacher you just did that."
"Okay, sorry!" he said, as he picked up his marker and got back to work.

One other, unrelated event:  I was asked to help out in the cafeteria today, so I grabbed my water bottle and headed into the fray.  Set my water bottle down and walked about, supplying napkins, ketchup, and some words of friendship to the littles.  When it was my time to leave --- no water bottle.  Come to find out, hunterman threw my waterbottle away.  He said he didn't know who owned it so he threw it away.  And the trash had been removed already.  I forgive Hunterman, but that waterbottle was one of my best waterbottles.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. I might try listing some things. But I don't know what to write.
I love red-headed children.

mm said...

I'm sorry but you don't throw a water bottle out because you don't know the owner.

Have you read The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds? It's an awesome picture book... reminded of it reading your post. I use it as an introduction to ideas and Six Traits.

dw said...

So sorry about the water bottle - that's definitely a thorn.

StreibProjects said...

I want to meet this little red head!

jdoc said...

Does Hunterman like to hunt?

Erin said...

Not the funky green one!

Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

The good news is, you have many more water bottles and will probably get a lot more for Xmas.

But, this is still a major thorn in the side.

LH said...

Jdoc, Hunterman LOVES to hunt. He LIVES to hunt. He can kill anything. He apologized again today. I think he feels pretty bad about the whole thing.

E, no, the green one is good. It's the monkey juice one that's gone. I am really into my water bottles, and as 20 something daughter has written, I've requested nothing but MORE WATER BOTTLES for Xmas. I love WATER BOTTLES!

MM, Saw Peter Reynolds speak last year at ASCD. Yes, love that book.

JW. What is it about the redheads? I need to read more about the mythology of the redhead. There are some identity issues with the red hair. Do they have something to prove? Please advise, Redheaded Friend.

Streibie, You've probably already met him, but you've got to sit in the room for a bit to get his whole shtick. It's really something.

Julie said...

Little red head stories are really cracking me up.

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