Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Fun

When we lived in San Francisco, we ate Chow Fun fairly regularly.  But Indiana either has bad chow fun or no chow fun at all.  BUT GOOD NEWS! Come to find out, a new restaurant in town has quite tasty chow fun.  Answer to my prayers.  We ate it for dinner this v. evening.


Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

This isn't my fave pic but I'm glad you posted it. We should get chow fun with Nana for the night after Xmas.

mm said...

1) Did you have cat at Chow Fun?
2) I was hoping Indiana would be the final shot... too predictabl?
3) LOVED Cutting for Stone.

Anonymous said...

And this new restaurant is...?

Anonymous said...

Love this picture!!!

jdoc said...

What is chow fun? Is that something I should know?

LH said...

I'm not sure we can get chow fun down in Georgia, IRoaCR. We'll investigate.

MM, That would have been good (the indiana final shot). Next time they win! Loved that weird cat foto. Have to read that book.

N... It's ALCHEMY near the square. We should go there for lunch over break. But I don't think they have the chowfun for lunch. Damn it.

Jw. I love it too. how could i not?

Jdoc. I think chow fun is something you really need to learn more about. You have to have the good kind though to really love it. Sam Wo's or Beijing on Irving. In San Francisco. I've had some pretty disappointing and dispiriting chow fun in other locales. Alchemy's is v. good. Not quite as good. But passable and fairly delicious. Chow fun is the perfect food: big fat greasy noodles.

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