Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Meeting

Annual downer meeting with the investment counselor happened to me today.  I did my usual shtick of nodding and smiling as he yakked about why our meager savings never seem to increase, but are sure to do so in future some time.  When Accountant asked if I was following everything, I said, "Well, no, but I'm getting the gist of it."  He started talking to me like I was a total moron, pointing to charts and gesturing flamboyantly.  Whatever buddy.  As 20 something daughter said when I talked to her later, "That situation has gender performance written all over it."  I think she's right and somehow I'm vowing never to display a lack of confidence to an accountant ever again.  This is my solemn vow.


Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

Maybe I should just be an accountant.

dw said...

I actually get the same tone and wild gesturing myself. I'm even okay at math - but I really don't understand what they are doing with my money. We really like our guy, though, and trust what he is doing despite not really understanding it.

KC said...

I have no flipping idea what those guys are talking about. And yes, they also talk to me like a moron.

I did understand the graph I saw at my first meeting with the guy when I was 21, though. Something about Sally Short-term and Lana Long-term. But the plan, as you mentioned, isn't exactly panning out like Lana promised.

jdoc said...

This is how it goes with our guy too. I like him because he calls me Dr. even though I'm not. So I pretend to understand him more than I actually do.

Anonymous said...

Love this picture of Ros!