Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Garden

Today I WORKED with TEACHERS on CURRICULUM!  We talked about works of art and inquiry centers and original creations. Miro, Jansen, Chihuly, Calder, Bernstein, Tinguely.  This is stuff I dream about.  I LOVE  (note use of capitals for emphasis) doing this kind of work.  Talking with teachers, planning stuff, revising the plan, then revising it again.  The artful units people are writing are going to be spectacular learning experiences for all of us.  I loved that a big part of my day involved staring at this painting, pictured here, above. I loved that teachers included me in their planning conversations.  This was a fab day.  A buzz, it was.

ps. fyi. I've been pronouncing Joan's name incorrectly for about 30 years.  It's like this:  Jwan Miro.


mm said...

I love the image. Tell me more!

jdoc said...

Jwan? I did not know. Thank you much!

mar said...

This is a cool piece of artwork- is it hanging in your school? It was fun seeing Q. and P. last night- too bad you weren't there too!

dw said...

Sounds like a "Rose" day if I ever heard one!