Saturday, December 03, 2011

The Spree

I'm addicted to this Tom Perrotta novel called The Leftovers.  Can not stop reading it. But good news!  I forced myself to stop reading for a few hours and did some serious shopping.  Seriously put a dent in the long distance list. Feeling pretty darned good about this.  I was going to head to work tomorrow for long overdue DATA ENTRY, but now I'm thinking, let's just get into the holiday thing and go and get the tree tomorrow. COME ON!   Just get the TREE! It's a startling new concept that can only be described as cutting edge.

On another note, Tonight we had a great dinner celebrating One Woman's 50th birthday at a lovely local restaurant.  Everyone there asked me how I was doing with the Calm Til Christmas Initiative.  And here's the thing.  Haven't been doing well with this of late, but I'm back on track. This week actually sucked big time, BUT I'm back in the game dolls!  CALM til CHRISTMAS! Or, more appropriately pronounced in a level 1 whisper voice...... calm til christmas.  it can (and will) be done. Oh yes, it can (and will) be done.


Anonymous said...

Go get the tree. N.O.W.

jdoc said...

Calm til Christmas = GET THAT TREE.

Anonymous said...

We just got our tree last night. Here's an image for you: I was standing on the ledge of the couch trying to neatly drape my ribbon around the top of the tree. I lost my balance and myself and the tree took a nice trip over to the other side of the wall. We didn't go all the way down, but it was close. My husband and two kiddos stood there in shock. I think they were waiting for my reaction. :) All is well now. Calm til Christmas, right?! :)

Sarah Murray

mm said...

The tree is a necessity. I hope it's up and decorated.

kc said...

Well?? Did you get the tree?

Also, I can't wait to read that Perrotta novel. <3 him.

LH said...

The tree made its way over to High Street with us, in a plethora of pouring rain. We let it dry out a bit as we read books or played tennis. When we deemed it dry enough for electric lights, we strung the lights til the tree was all aglow. Then we started hauling ass on the ornaments. Then when we had our beautiful tree ready (and when we had no major loss of balance to speak of, we got ready to watch a movie called It's kind of a funny story. We're still watching it now. I like that Bowie song, Under Pressure. It's in the movie.