Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Cork

2 things of not much consequence have happened to me in the last 24 hours.  First off, last night I was at a friend's soiree.  I asked the young man tending bar for a scotch on the rocks.  Such a festive drink. I talked to Nance and didn't notice that the young man tending bar had filled the glass with about 4.5 inches of scotch.  "Whoa, honey, that's a lot of scotch," I told him, trying not to sound discouraging.
"Just carry it around and drink it like a sprite," the young man tending bar said to me, with an unexpected tone of nonchalance.  Geezlouise.  It looked like I was drinking a glass of iced tea.  I didn't drink it all.  No one could have. No one on this entire planet.

Then here's the other thing that happened.  I was making some ramen and didn't notice that a wine cork had rolled onto the burner until it had caught on fire.  That burning cork has left a horrid smell in our entire house.  Sorry, housemates.  Sorry that I was such a dork with the cork.

Watching IU now.  We're winning, but just barely.


Anonymous said...

Just drink it like a sprite still cracks me up! I loved seeing Ros and chatting with you last night. It was a fun partay. Another shindig for us tonight-two nights in a row with not cooking and eating holiday treats has been fun, but leaves me feeling a bit ugh. The holiday festivities are here!

mm said...

I kind of like "dork with a cork".

Enjoy the holidays!

Anonymous said...

There are some other drinks that seem unlikely to have been successfully consumed at this site.

Anonymous said...

You went to a partay where there was a bartender?! Wow! I'm envious. Most of my of them...include the red solo cups.

Anonymous said...

Steve & I are sitting in Starbuck reading your blog and cracking up. Nice post. M

kc said...

Henrietta! I read about half of that. Still will probs finish it, but now have been sucked in by a totally delightful book called Little Heathens. <3 it!

Anonymous said...

Read Henrietta this summer. V.good. Em and Caleb were over today--fun times!! So glad we are off.

Julie said...

It was a fab party, as usual. The very presence of a bartender makes me feel like a real grownup. :)