Monday, April 07, 2014

You go, Girl.

Tr: At holekhet, Yalda.

I love this picture that I took.

On my slog today I listened to some quality public radio and I learned about the United Nations Happiness Rankings.  Host Country came in 11th place last year, while Home Country came in 17th.  I've felt an increase in happiness here this year, (Toda Raba, Host Country!) so I think that's evidence that the rankings are valid.

Home Country, listen up. 17th isn't bad, but come on, with all you have going for you, there's really no reason you can't do better.  Let's work together when I get home to amp up the cheer and move up in the standings.  If we could make our home happier for one and all, HC, I for one would be stoked.

Speaking of stoked, in May we'll have a new host country for a mere month and come to find out, new Host Country ranked #6 on the Happiness Report, so it's looking like May is going to be pretty darned awesome for all concerned. Only time will tell, but you know I'll be keeping you posted.


mm said...

I"m glad you have access to the interweb and public radio!

Anonymous said...

Love the translation for "you go girl"!

Bill said...

Say hiya to Roz. Love that girl.

LH said...

MM, the internets is my top priority at all times.

HI BILL! It's been so fun getting to visit with Laur Laur over here. She's so sababa. Love her. I wish she could go to school in Indiana. Can you talk to her about that?

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