Wednesday, April 09, 2014

It was very good.

Tr: Ze haya tov meod.

Through no fault of our own, my bathing suit is missing.  I have a feeling it's in the United States having somehow sneaked into 20 Something's luggage.  Here's the deal. Bottom line? I don't like shopping for swim suits.  I find it unpleasant.  So, come to find out, I'm not waxing enthusiastic about buying a new swim suit here in Host Country where even the purchase of a cappuccino often involves a fair amount of awkward embarrassment.  College Chum told me to just swim in shorts and a tshirt, so that's one possible solution.  I only have 20 days left here and some of those days are going to involve swimming in that sea I like to describe as mediterranean. We've got a conundrum on our hands, my friends.  We've got a conundrum on our hands.

UPDATE, SEVERAL HOURS HENCE:  Went to the mall and bought a new swimsuit.  Not sure why you all have to make a big deal out of such things.  It really wasn't all that difficult.  


mm said...

What?! Congratulations. I hate buying swimsuits and probably would have gone with the t-shirt and shorts idea.

mm said...

BTW- I adore Free Technology for Teachers!!!

kc said...

Congratulations for just doing it. I'm v proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Exactly how did your suit get in Ros's suitcase? That's the question.

LH said...

Here's how it happened. We went to the beach. We went to the changing rooms. WE put our wet suits into the same plastic bag. Ros put that bag into her suitcase because she left the next day. All is history.

I wonder if my bathing suit is sitting in Berkeley missing the heck out of me.

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