Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Tr:  Katan!

Today was a huge day.  We started it off in Jerusalem at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum.  It's the most amazing museum in the world.  So much to take in, so unfathomable no matter how often you've read about it or learned about it.  We will come back here with #1 Son someday because I'm sad we didn't get to Yad Vashem when he was here.

Then we headed to the Masada and hiked around the ruins from 100 BC. There's something about the Masada that gets me emotional. What an incredible story. This fortress is still standing, in pretty good shape, 2000 years later.  Our U.S.A. forts all fell apart some time ago.  Where was the pride in the work, Frontier People? It's like you didn't even care. Not one fort still standing as far as I can tell.

Now we're in the smallest apartment ever rented to human beings, as pictured above.  It looks like my suitcase is perched up on the kitchen counter because it is, because our bed is in the kitchen.  It's kind of freaking me out.

Tomorrow we're heading to Petra, Jordan.  I'm freaking out because I'm not packed yet.  Stupid packing anxiety syndrome.  


mm said...

Looking forward to more pictures from Jordan...

Anonymous said...

OMGOSH! That is the smallest place I've ever seen! That's hysterical! These places just sound wonderful. I've seen the inside of a library with no windows the last few days and it's getting old.

Ms. W. said...

I love R's pose and hair. That girl's got style that no one can deny.

LH said...

I wish I could go back to that small apartment and go to Petra again.

I didn't appreciate it enough.

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