Monday, April 02, 2012

The Houston Astros

The Astros have 2 players who are hurt right now.  Schafer and Lowrie.  One has a hurt hand, the other a hurt thumb.  These injuries are messing up their spring training and may have them missing Opening Day.  One reason I've always avoided trying to become a professional athlete is the devastation that injuries must bring to the psyche.  I'm not sure I could cope with the fear and anguish.

This afternoon I did some cafeteria duty action and Absolute Darling Firstie called me over.  She was crying, and holding a chomped up apple in her hand.  "Look at my tooth!  It's going to come out," she screamed, huge tears coming out of her eyes.
I responded calmly, "Okay, well first off, let's put down the apple.  And secondly, this is not something to get too worked up about."
That's when the real wailing began, "But Dr. H.  You don't understand!  It's my first one!"  More sobs.
I sat down next to her and asked to look in her mouth.  She opened wide, amidst more wailing. "You're right," I told her.  "This is gonna be the first. You've got all baby teeth in there. It's going to be okay. Just try to leave it alone."  Then we hugged for awhile and the others told her that it really was going to be alright.  One kid offered, somewhat unhelpfully to my mind,  "It doesn't hurt much."   About half of them at the table have loose teeth too, but she was the only one there with a first loose tooth.  I hope it doesn't keep her out of the action in first grade this week.  We need that gal.  She's a lead off hitter if ever there was one.

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KC said...

That poor darling! It can be scary! I would yank it for her if I were there. That would probably traumatize her a bit, but for some reason, I'm really good at the yanking.

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