Monday, April 09, 2012

The Crew

I've got nothing today.  I just felt like blogging.


LH said...

You could comment about this nice foto.

Anonymous said...

Where are you guys in this nice photo? Thanks for chatting last night.

LH said...

Cedar Bluff Trail. A great hike. Last night was fun indeed. Thanks for calling.

cb said...

Very nice photo.

MBK is coming to the heartland. It's kind of interesting that our daughters decided to trade regions.


Anonymous said...

Did you ascend the bluff. The Mrs. was convinced one of the six boy with us would tumble off. JJB

LH said...

CB, I LOVE CARLETON! That place is just fabulous, and the friends I have who have gone there speak of their time so highly. JDoc, who is linked here often, went to Carleton and teaches there on occasion as well. GREAT CHOICE FOR THE DEARHEART MBK. Love 2 u doll!

JJB, Yes, we ascended. Not sure I would have done it with 6 boys, but somehow I think your crew would have managed just fine.