Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Chicago Cubs

One time I was in Chicago with In Other Words, #1 Cubs fan of all time. We checked into our hotel and she put on the TV to see the Cubs.  I forget the guy's name, but she pointed to a player on screen and said, "He's one of my favorites.  He can be feisty, he has a temper."  Just then the guy got a call he didn't like and he went into the dug out and had a huge tantrum, throwing things and freaking out.  I love moments like this, when someone says something and then life instantly backs the statement up.  Later we headed down to Taste of Chicago and we met some Cubs fans who were talking about the tantrum.  Everyone seemed to love this guy.  What can we take away from this story?  Just this:  We all have foibles, and sometimes our foibles can be endearing.
Most days I'm amused by my own personality flaws, but this is not one of those days.  In fact, I'm getting on my last nerve today.


Anonymous said...

I love Chicago. My grandma liked the cubs. She also liked the white sox, and the bears. I think she just loved her city!

StreibProjects said...

That was hilarious. They were playing the White Sox and Zambrano went nuts!

LH said...

N, your grandma was in the right spot. We are thinking of going to an iu baseball game. What do you think.?

Streibie...yes it was zambrano. He had to miss a few games as I recall. Is he still a cub?

StreibProjects said...

Nope. He's a Marlin now.

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