The Efforts

I'm trying to think more about desired behaviors.  What do I want from my students and from myself?  For myself, I want to be more patient and calm.  I wish I were a robot teacher, always friendly and rational.  Like Roz in The Wild Robot. The Wild Robot is the best book in the universe.  We have ten more pages to read and I don't want it to end. Roz the Robot considers her purpose in life and I've been mulling mine over as well.  Roz the Robot is here to help others.  I guess I'm here to be the greatest long distance runner (in my age group) of all time.  I know my purpose, but I just haven't taken any steps to achieve it yet. A first step might be to purchase some new running shoes. 


mm said…
I'm glad you're going to be the greatest long distance runner (of your age group). I'm going to try to do something/anything exercise related each day... one step at a time.
KC said…
I love this. I would also like to be calm and friendly 100% of the time.
Anonymous said…
Oh, yeah.