Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Connections

When we read a picture book with social justice themes, we do a lot of talking about it.  This week, we talked about The Case for Loving, about the Supreme Court case of 1967 that ended the ban on interracial marriage in Virginia.  It's a good book. Before we started writing, I read over the list of connection writing topics that the Thirdlanders had jotted down on their partner chat sheet.  The majority wanted to write about weddings they've attended, but there were some other original topics offered like:

  • I love people, too.
  • Someone tried to stop me from doing what I want before.
  • I want to end racism.
  • Black lives matter.
We got out our notebooks, grabbed our snacks, turned down the lights and put on some quiet music.  As we started writing, a Thirdlander yelled out, "I'm changing my topic because I want to end racism too. I want to write about that." 
"Sounds good," I told him and we all got into gear.  I wrote as well. Not about anything fascinating---just some memories of adults telling me to stay away from certain kids when I was little.  A pleasant start to our day. I'm really liking this class.


jdoc said...

I'm really liking this class, too. Nicely done, Everyone in Thirdhand.

KC said...

I'm really into it, as well. It's no secret I want to move to Thirdland.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading a great mg novel and the character loves to make zines. She uses them to express her feelings including making a case for not moving away to a new city.


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