Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Podcast

Photo Credit:  Heinemann 
Well, yesterday was a big day.  We had a celebration for Back and Forth.  We ate tamales and cake and drank wine.  The house could barely hold all the friendship and fun that frolicked through the place yesterday eve.  I wish my handful of blog readers that couldn't be here for the party could be here now.  I would give you leftover tamales and we could samples some of the fabulous wines that were gifted to us last night.  Fun times.  And one more thing.  Have you listened to the Heinemann podcast yet?  Brett did a great job of telling the story of the book with his questions and editing.  I do a bit too much laughing as I talk but does that really surprise anyone???? I'm so glad I went to Florida to tape the podcast.  I hope you don't think I'm going overboard with blogging about the book, but you've been with me through the hard times and I want you here now during the good times.  Thanks, good friends.


Mary Moeller said...

I wish I could join you to drink wine and discuss your book.

Judy Williams said...

Please tweet more, more, more!!! Congratulations on such a huge accomplishment. The podcast is lively and informative. Nothing wrong with that, my dear.

KC said...

I'd like to come to the party. Party re-do!! This whole book thing is one of my favorite things.

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