Sunday, November 05, 2017

The Conferences

Art by RS
Conference season is here.  This week I meet with the parents of the Thirdlanders.  I worry about keeping these conferences on schedule, but the chats tend to be fun.  The parents like their kid and so do I. The parents think their kid is awesome and so do I.  We tend to be on the same page.  The Thirdlanders are amazing, so it's fun to brag about them with the people who love them the most in the world.

Then next week Judith and I head to Missouri for NCTE.  I'm not speaking this year and come to find out, I'm a little sad about it. Still, NCTE is usually fun. I'll hear some great talks and I'll get to visit Back and Forth hanging out with its new friends at the Heinemann exhibit.  I'll take pictures.  I'm talking about Back and Forth on Tuesday at our district PD, and I'm not done with the talk yet.  Today's the day to do my best and forget the rest.

I'm not done because I've been working on a presentation I'm part of for LRA with Mitzker and a new friend, Zawan.  I'm reading some stuff about New Materialism for this project, playing around with some Thirdlander book cover designs.  It's a cool project and I'm learning new stuff and I'm not confident that I really get what's going on yet.  So that's fun to be confused and nervous about the looming deadline.

A trio of conference events on the horizon.  November is Conference Month.  It's also Blog Renewal Month. I want to write on the blog 20 to 30 more times before the end of the month. Get ready for some subpar posts, my friends.


jdoc said...

I hope you enjoy the conference month, my friend. I was looking forward to NCTE this year, but then I quit my job this summer. Did I tell you that? It's true. I'm a stay-at-home-parent and I kind of love it. But I would like to see you at NCTE just the same. Have fun!

mm said...

I am not going to NCTE this year, and I'm going of sad.

LH said...

Now that I've worked on this presentation for our school district PD day, I'm kind of glad
I'm not presenting at NCTE. Just going to go and enjoy the scene. Maybe learn some stuff.

But I'll miss you 2.

JDOC, Good move on the job situation for now. Let's squeeze in some more blogging now, okay???

kc said...

I'm also sad I'm not going to NCTE. Jdoc, I did not know you were now a SAHM! I'm so glad I read this blog, and now I know.

Anonymous said...

The NCTE conference is going to be a breath of fresh air for this librarian. I need me some great PD that will help me improve my librarying gig. And I get to spend time with LH!!

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