Winter Break Begins: Mystery Question #1

December 22 and our winter break begins.  I'm going to make the most of every moment.  So far, I've
slept in and now I'm having coffee and writing a brilliant blog post.  Twenty Something is here!  We're heading south to one of the 13 original colonies.  #1 Son will join us there.  We'll get together with my elders and my sibs.  What's the mission for today you ask?  Clean up, pack up, road trip, singing of the carols, happy hour at the hotel, perhaps a dip in the pool.  The sky's the limit!

FYI:  Road trip will be broken up into two parts.  Our mystery stop:  Athens of the South, a town named for this famous brigadier general:

Can you guess our mystery stop????


mm said…
I am guessing Hillsborough, but I did cheat and use the Google.
Have a great vacation.
cb said…
I'm guessing Nashville.

Who doesn't love a good holiday mystery?

Love to you and your lovely family. Safe travels and Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said…
I do love this picture of the kiddos. I was lucky enough to give Ros a hug at school on Thursday when she was bringing crickets over.