Wednesday, April 27, 2016


So I didn't get #TwinTuesday posted here yesterday.  I apologize and now let's move on.  I don't want to be criticized in any way, shape or form.  This week, we have something original and evergreen fresh:  Things that start with T.  I have a Toadsuck post card and a tuna can.  KC has a trophy and some tape.
This pair of pairings got me to thinking about the Tennessee Tuxedo song.  Which got me to a'googlin' and guess what?  I've been singing this song incorrectly for decades.  Geez, my way seems better.  As per usual.


mm said...

I love the new #twintuesday format. This is going to be fun.

unabashed liberal said...

The internet is not always right and song lyrics should be what you think they should be. Sing it your way!!

KC said...

I would never ever criticize you.