Friday, April 29, 2016

Thursday Creativity Share: Feel the Burn

In Kenya, there will be a massive burning of ivory tomorrow.  You can read about it here.  The Thirdlanders have been reading about some of the ways people are trying to stop poaching.  Giving poachers alternative jobs, using drones to search out poachers, establishing national parks, setting up ivory burns.  The creativity and ingenuity is happening all over the place. Husbandman is leaving for Israel today.  If I were him, I'd take a detour to Kenya to attend the ivory burn.  It's going to be the biggest ivory burn in history and government leaders from 12 countries will be there to feel the burn and get moving on taking right action.
I'm going to miss Husbandman.  I wish he wouldn't go.


mm said...

OMG! I actually click on your links. I really do. All I wanted to do was read more here when... Come on!!

Anonymous said...

If I'm feeling a little queasy...which is the way I feel most of the time these last few weeks...I do not click on links. And I made a good choice this morning. Peter is leaving???!!!

lee said...

I didn't actually mean to put that link there.
I was extra tired this morning. I kind of apologize for that.

Peter's off for a week in Israel. I'm so sad not to be there!!!!!

KC said...

Adorable photo of a fab couple.

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