Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Caimans

I'm hooked on Naked and Afraid, as I may have already mentioned.  Sometimes the survivalists are quite good at hunting.  I just watched an episode where the survivalists killed a snake, a catfish and a caiman.  Sadly, the caiman was filled with bugs, but they picked the bugs out, cooked and ate it.  These two really impressed me.  They did everything right.  Sadly, when they got back, they both contracted leishmaniasis, which is a parasitic disease resulting from sand fly bites. People, let me tell you something.  Googling images of "leishmaniasis" is not a good idea. The images are quite disturbing.  And you know I can take a lot when it comes to disease imagery.

What a drag to survive 21 days in the jungle, naked and afraid, and then get back to your suburban home and have one of your ears eaten away by parasites.  It doesn't seem fair.  This show really helps me gain perspective.  Life is good right now.  I'm clothed and comfortable, with no parasites that I'm aware of. Husbandman's making me a grilled cheese sandwich. If I could stop googling "leishmaniasis," everything would be perfect.


mm said...

I'm not going to lie... this is disturbing.

LH said...

I read more last night and found out that both survivalists made complete recoveries.
Thank Goodness.

KC said...

Shef and I are laughing so hard

Anonymous said...

I am not clicking on any of your links. No Way!

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