Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Jazz

Last night we walked over to the IU Jazz Celebration.  #1 Son was playing one song with the Plummer Jazz Combo toward the end of the show.  (This I Dig of You, by Hank Mobley).

  We sauntered in, only to hear a woman sharply inquiring of us, "DO YOU HAVE TICKETS?"  We explained that we didn't know the event required tickets and offered to buy some.   Come to find out, it was too late to purchase tickets of any kind. Husbandman explained that we like to come to the MAC to hear our son play and that we've been enjoying this kind of thing for years. A manager came over and we spoke of our son and how we like to see him play jazz and he let us enter which obviously was the right thing to do because we should be able to see #1 Son play jazz if we want to.

The show was incredible.  BRAVO, I texted to #1 Son after it was over.  Then we walked through campus under a starry sky, humming jazzily as we reveled in the glory of watching our favorite bass player in the world.  No strings attached.


mm said...

Have you read A Brief History of Seven Killings?

cb said...

"No strings attached." I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you. xo

KC said...

This is a great one. I loved the photo of #1 on insta this weekend.

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