Saturday, April 09, 2016

The Centers

We're almost finished with our Simple Solutions unit.  Our central idea is, "People use simple machines to solve real world problems." In addition to learning about how simple machines work, we learned about the recycling women of the Gambia, the Americans with Disabilities Act and of course William Kamkwamba, the boy who harnessed the wind. I'm thinking about ending with a little info about David Sedaris and the bicycle, a compound machine. David rides around his village in England picking up litter.  I'm thinking about buying a new compound machine called the bicycle.  I have an old bicycle and I could fix it up.  But darn it. I think I want a new one.  I probably won't solve any problems with my bicycle.  But maybe I will.  We may never know.


LH said...

I'm now thinking about getting a tune up for 20 Something's bike and riding it around instead of getting a new one.
20 Something said this would be okay.


And #1 Son says he'll help me get the bike to the bike shop because he has a good car for lugging around big items.

mm said...

Yay! I love riding my bike. 20 Something and #1 Son are super helpful peeps.

Anonymous said...

Let's ride on the trail v. soon. Get the bike in soon because soon it's high season for tune ups.

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