Friday, April 08, 2016

The Creativity

Yesterday was a bang up day for creativity.  First Kevin Hawkes came to speak.  If you don't know about Kevin Hawkes, you should find out about him if you want.  He's an author and illustrator whose artwork really knocks your socks off.  Judith did so much to make his visit meaningful and we are truly thankful.  We were already Kevin Hawkes fans because we've read so many of his books, but when you hear Kevin Hawkes speak and you watch him draw, you start having a little author crush on him and you can't help it.

Then we made collages about animal rights.  We've been reading in Time for Kids about wild animals kept as pets, wild animals poached and smuggled for their body parts, wild animals hunted and displayed as trophies.  We had a collage studio going on.  The creativity was incredible.  It was messy and the clean up got a little tense at times, but you really can't argue with the cool products.  We need to send our collages out into the world.  They're life changers.

After school I spent some time reading about William Kamkwamba, also known as The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.  At age 14, he made a windmill out of odds and ends, including several simple machines.  He read books about making windmills and then he did it.  The windmill really helped out his family farm in Burkina Faso.  I'm going to talk to the Thirdlanders about William today and we're going to watch his TED talk.  He's always making stuff.

The Creativity Share.  The amazing Kevin Hawkes.  Social Justice Collages.  Windmill making William Kamkwamba.  Go, MAKERS!


kc said...

Our sixth graders had an author visit from Stuart Gibbs and also got fired up about poaching! We did a ton of research on it and learned about notetaking.

Anonymous said...

Stuart Gibbs? That would be awesome. Kevin Hawkes signed KVDs's book with this, To Kathy Van der Schans, who has a cool sister. I love it! He connected with our kids. And those collages so cool.

lee said...

I know not of this Stuart Gibbs.

That is an awesome autograph to KVdS. Why isn't Kevin on twitter?

Anonymous said...

I casually mentioned that I looked for him on Twitter and he said he has a webpage. The end.

LH said...

I love his web page, but twitter is good too. I wish he could understand that.

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