Independent Film Review: Love Thy Nature

Love Thy Nature seemed like it might have some merit.  It's a documentary about getting outside in nature, narrated by Liam Neeson.  I love nature and I love Liam, so what could go wrong? Here's our chat.

Lw:  So Love Thy Nature.  What went wrong there?
Hm: It was a movie that shouldn't have been made, but if they were going to make it, they should have focused on solutions to problems created by humans by drawing on patterns found in nature.
Lw:  Biomimicry?
Hm:  Yeah.  They talked in vague terms about biomimicry and then didn't provide any examples.
Lw:  Do you think the film changed how you'll live your life in the future?
Hm:  Only in the sense that I would never ever watch a movie again by that director.
Lw:  But did you feel different when you were walking outside today?
Hm:  No.  Except for still overcoming the shock of how bad that movie was.
(At this point, Husbandman stands up in order to crush a stink bug that has landed on our bedroom ceiling. I asked him if he would like to just put it in a tissue and bring it outside, but he preferred to kill it with brute force. Then he came back to bed to watch the Mets.)
Lw:  Do you want to volunteer in the community orchard?
Hm:  No.

So, you can go ahead and see this movie if you want to, but it was quite bland and didn't change our lives as far as I can tell.  I did take the Thirdlanders outside to write in our notebooks this morning, but many of them wrote about mine craft, so I'm not sure if a great appreciation of nature was inspired by our outing.  Still, being outside is good.  Stay outside and far away from any theater playing Love Thy Nature if you know what's good for you.


KC said…
The movie review remains one of my favorite features. I can visualize the killing of the stink bug, too.

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