Friday, April 15, 2016

The Ratchet

Yesterday,  we had a wasp in Room 200.  As you know from last year's entries about wasps, nothing can get done with a wasp in the vicinity.  This year is no exception, but because The Thirdlanders tend to be a highly spirited crew, they really ratcheted up the wasp drama as said wasp dive-bombed us repeatedly.  Students screamed, cried out in anguish, fell into each other's arms, ran out of the room, etc.  No one was stung, but I suppose the potential was there.  I myself got stung twice last year as you may recall.  Still, I remained calm and explained to the Thirdlanders that running, screaming and crying are things that do not help a wasp situation.  Today I'm armed with wasp spray, and whenever a wasp appears, all educating will cease, so that wasps may die. I'm also going to talk to The Thirdlanders about appropriate behavior in tough situations.  Again.


KC said...

Kill the wasps ruthlessly and with a twinkle in your eye!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with the thirdlanders for this one. The more drama the safer one is.

mm said...

I'm certain to quite certain I'd behave like the Thirdlanders.