Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Times

Family Reunion's going great.  Unfortunately 1/4 of our family played three gigs yesterday so he joined us only sporadically.  Today he plays 2 gigs, but we will be together for a sacred repast I like to call dinner. Yesterday we had a snafu that ended up resulting in a happy turn of events.  We thought we were driving to Hemlock Cliffs, but we ended up at Hemlock Bluffs.  Super different.  Today, though, we're righting the situation and driving to Hemlock Cliffs, a "special place," according to the webpage.  I'll be the judge of that.

BTW, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson is a fab musical and I learned a ton about our 7th President.  Also, 20 Something went to the Bluebird last night to hear the Phunk Nastys and reported that the show was rip roaring.  I'm thinking about paying some money to the Phunk Nastys to play in Room 200 so I can hear them in the day time.  I wonder what that would cost.  Well worth any sum, I'm sure. Dance Party in ROOM 200!!!!


KC said...

I have been wondering about the reunion. This was very satisfying. Thanks!

mm said...

I'm loving the pic and filter.

joy Heffernan said...

Great news all aroubd!