Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursday Creativity Share: Family Reunion, Full of Surprises, Which I haven't thought up yet.

I'm hosting book club tonight.  The book was pretty good.  It's called My Name Is Lucy Barton.   This weekend we're going to see a musical called Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.  #1 Son is playing bass and even has a line.  Nice!  One other creative thing is this.  20Something is coming home for a visit so we're going to commit ourselves to just fun, nothing else.  All weekend long. It will be family bonding time like it's never been done. I'm not even going to enter the school building once.  I'm committing myself to the most epic Family Reunion the world has ever seen. 


mar said...

I'm so glad your whole family will be together this weekend! I want to see this musical too- that's great that Quinn's playing and even has a speaking part! Enjoy your fam reunion!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy enjoy enjoy!