Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thursday Creativity Share: Georgia O'Keeffe

Nick Cave
 You're probably thinking about the hand turkeys right now.  Well, we haven't even started making them yet.  It's super hard to coordinate the creativity that's happening around here right now.  There's so much.

A great creative thing to share is the Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit up at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.   It features Georgia, but mixes in works by other artists who were part of the Taos Art Community.  Don't delay, go there today.

Another cool thing is the movie that's called The Theory of Everything.  It's all about Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane Wilde.  They were quite the pair.  We all liked the movie.  You should see it if you feel like it.

So, Thursday Creativity Share is a wrap.  We've got photographs of some cool art pieces.  A recommendation for an exhibit featuring one of the best artists our nutty nation has to offer.  And a movie about a couple of people who have to deal with motor neuron disease while creating theories about time and the origin of the universe. Great times.  Turkeys to follow. Satisfaction guaranteed.


nancy reynolds said...

Happy Thanksgiving , friends! Looking forward to the turkey creations.

mm said...

V. cool art pieces. I will await the creativity of the hand turkeys with patience.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna see that movie! Didn't a G. O'Keeffe painting just sell for about a gazillion dollars? I have a address book with a pic of one of her paintings on the front. That's what I can afford.

KC said...

I read about that movie looks interesting! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your peeps!!