Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Decision

I've got a big decision ahead of me right now.  Should we go get the Christmas tree today?   Maybe, maybe not.

3/4 of our kinfolk left town yesterday.  We always have such a grand time with our Thankgiving crew. They come in and get the job done. Our Thanksgiving dinner was the best ever and our hand turkeys exceeded all expectations.  On Friday we drove to Jug Rock in Shoals, Indiana. Jug Rock is a large rock formation that you can admire for awhile. After learning about Jug Rock, we visited the West Baden Hotel in French Lick.  Then we cruised over to the casino.  Our official plan was for everyone to lose 5 dollars at the casino.  I ended up losing ten, but at least ten is a multiple of five. Eve won 1.75. Everyone else lost five dollars, according to plan.  I wish Eve could follow the directions.  Geez.

So, back to the tree.  We should probably get it, right?

And what about a December blogging challenge, based on the title of Kenneth Koch's beautiful book, Wishes, Lies and Dreams. We write 20 to 25 posts in December focusing on a wish or a lie or a dream.  Fabulous fabrications and confabulations?  


KC said...

These two look so great. And, of course, I'll do the challenge. I'll do it, and I'll love it.

Mary Moeller said...

I'm going to do the challenge and also love it.

Anonymous said...

Challenge sounds like some great reading for me! And get the tree, please?!

Anonymous said...

Did I see a tree on instagram?! I love that pic!!! And this blog challenge sounds right up your alley.