Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Plans

We saw Dear White People last night. Highly recommend.  After seeing the movie, I  read this excellent review and I think you should see it if you want to, especially if you care about issues of white privilege, racism, social justice, and if you like to go to the movies.    I'm still thinking about the characters and Husbandman and I have some lingering questions.  2 good signs for any movie.

I'm going through a laziness phase today.  I don't want to work.  I want to play.

Maybe I'll start with a walk in this algid weather.

FYI:  Algid means cold. Did you already know this word?  Because I for one never heard the word in my life. We learned this word from the NYT Crossword puzzle this morning.  I'll be throwing it around for the next couple of months.


mm said...

I want to see this movie (on my iPad perhaps) because I'm not a fan of going to a movie in theaters. It looks like a movie everyone can see. Please post about it again when I can rent it online.

KC said...

Never heard of that word in my life. Really, really want to see the movie!!

LH said...

This movie is a good movie. 4 very distinct story lines going on and I like that kind of thing.

Plus, I ALWAYS appreciate any tips I can get to be more aware of my white privilege.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a must see to me.

Anonymous said...

Your Christmas cactus is awesome!!! B&B