Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday Creativity Share: Frazey Ford

Well, thanks to Cynthia Butler, also known as CB here on the blog, we have an awesome song to sing and a new singer to learn about.  Frazey Ford used to hang with the Be Good Tanyas, but now she's going out and doing her own creativity.  Frazey, we are liking this Blue Streak Mama song so keep it up.

Frazey's parents escaped the Vietnam War by moving to Canada.  They lived in a commune.  I read about her here.  I can see myself doing something like that in the future.  Grabbing 20 Something and #1 and Husbandman and just heading north to start our own creative collective.

Also I took a picture of some fungi that I like.

Thursday Creativity Share.  Frazey Ford Talking a Blue Streak.  Fungi to find on campus.  You just got to sit back and wonder.


cb said...

A great blog entry, indeed. Frazey Ford puts on a good show. We saw her in Berkeley last month -- if she comes to your town or you happen to be in Canada, check it out.

Love the fungi too. Your photographs are so compelling. Lots of creativity going on here.


mm said...

Sitting back in wonder...

KC said...

Dan and have often discussed living in a commune. but we haven't done it.

Anonymous said...

I'll live in the neighborhood but I just can't live in a commune. Such a cool pic!

Anonymous said...

I’ve heard tracks from her albums dozens of times over the past decade and could never make out a word she was singing. Same with the most recent album. But these videos are great. I can tell what she’s singing about and she’s enjoyable to watch too.