Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Award

Jacqueline Woodson just won the National Book Award for Brown Girl Dreaming.  Why haven't I bought that book yet?  I'll take care of that situation, post haste.  This author's been part of our house for a lot of years because 20 Something read If You Come Softly many years ago and made us aware that this author's important work was a life changing reading experience.  Congratulations to Ms. Woodson and thanks for all the great books.


jdoc said...

Ms. Woodson had drinks with her pals just a couple tables away from us last week at NCTE. We clapped when she walked by. Because we didn't know what else to do and we love her.

Mary Moeller said...

I love Jacqueline Woodson, and I loved Brown Girl Dreaming!

KC said...

The book is excellent.

Anonymous said...

I love that story jdoc! And I think we should clap more for people … athletes, readers, writers… just my two cents.